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Sehra Polad, Psy.D.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sehra, and emotions are my super power! When I was a kid, I was frequently teased for being too sensitive and for crying too easily. I wondered what was wrong with me – why couldn’t I keep my emotions in the way my friends could? Why did every movie that I watched or book that I read make me cry? 


Through my training as psychologist and specifically in dialectical behavior therapy, I learned about emotional sensitivity. Some people are naturally more sensitive, and that’s okay! It sounds so simple now, but hearing that for the first time truly changed my life. I learned how to validate my own feelings and I learned to love my emotional sensitivity because it helps me connect with kids who are struggling with their feelings. My goal is for all of my fellow sensitive kiddos to embrace emotions as their super power too!


In my work with kids and teens across various settings including schools, intensive outpatient, and inpatient hospitals, I have seen therapy transform a child’s ability to understand, accept, and manage their emotions in healthier ways. Feelings stop being something to fear or to push away, and instead, kids and teens can learn to experience emotions in ways that enhance their lives. Highly sensitive people are creative, loving, compassionate – and so much more! I love utilizing these strengths in my work with kids and teens to make therapy a fun and supportive place. 


I moved to Cincinnati from North Carolina to get my Doctoral and Master’s degrees at Xavier University and surprised myself by coming back after completing my predoctoral internship in the school mental health track at the VA Maryland Health Care System/University of Maryland Baltimore Internship Consortium in Baltimore, Maryland. I did a postdoctoral fellowship with the TriHealth School Based Behavioral Health Program and went on to serve as the lead psychologist at Parker Woods Montessori School for 4 years. I joined the team at Basset in June 2021 and have loved getting to work with an awesome variety of kids and families. I never thought I’d end up in Ohio, but even though I miss the sweet tea and biscuits, Cincinnati has become home for my dog Baci and me. 

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