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Gwyn Griffiths, M.A.

Hello! I’m Gwyn and I am happy to have joined Basset Psychological Services in 2021.  Professionally, I am a confirmed “kid person.”  I completed my Masters degree in Psychology at Xavier University in 1990 and have worked with great supervisors in the service of children since that time; at Basset, I work under the supervision of Dr. Susan Ficke. I began my career as a generalist in a group practice, and then shifted into a position delivering school-based services for elementary aged students.  Over the past 30 years, kids have referred to me as a “Therapist.” “Talking Person,” “Counselor,” “Emotional Tutor,”  and “Helper Lady.” Each of these “titles” is okay with me!


Some things I have learned, and believe:


  • Kids who feel better, do better

  • “Better” is what you think it is, or want it to be

  • Teaching “feel better” skills is time well spent

  • Optimism is healthy.  There is always something that can change in a positive direction

  • Knowing what your strengths and capabilities are (and how to use them) is helpful for everyone

  • Kids are interesting.  Their choices and power may be limited, but their thoughts, feelings, and opinions are not.

  • Being “on track” toward a goal, can also be a goal


I have four children and know first hand the challenges and joys of parenting.  Children are moving targets (luckily). They are constantly growing, developing, and changing.  Supporting children and families as they find the best direction to get (and stay on) track, is my favorite part of this job.

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