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Erin Sprang


Hello, I’m Erin Sprang.  I am the intake coordinator for Basset Psychological Services and a therapist in training.  I enjoy learning new things--so much so that after fifteen years in teaching, I decided to go back to school to earn another Master’s Degree, this time in Clinical Counseling.  


I spent the early years of my career as a 4th grade teacher and Reading Specialist, then an interesting turn of events led me to become a preschool director.  No matter what environment I have found myself in, I have always held a desire to support children and their families in whatever struggle they were facing--whether it be academic, social, emotional, or interpersonal. Ultimately, it is this desire to meet families where they are that drove me to pursue additional training and certification.  I’m currently in a Master's program at Xavier University, and though I’m (a little) older than my counterparts, I’m loving every minute of it.


When I’m not at Basset or driving to Xavier, I am spending time with my husband, three daughters, and our dog, Eddie.  I have always been a “people first” kind of person, and spending time with those most important to me fills my bucket.  I love going for walks with my family, watching our girls play their favorite sports, creating art projects and crafting with my girls, and enjoying weekly dinners with friends.  I hope to carry the “people first” mentality with me wherever I go, especially when interacting with families at Basset.

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